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Learn <-- everything relevant is in here

Setting up this MediaWiki


ML is exploding. This makes it difficult to get the first bite on the bobapple. How to get started learning ML? What tech to use? colab + tensorflow? keras, etc...? What's an efficient learning path? Where are the online communities? Where's the action at? What's the state of the art? What's the best text-to-image or speech-to-text online engine? Where best to apply focus? etc.

A beginner will face many such questions.

This wiki will try to dynamically self-organize around the most common questions.

On the role of human endeavour

As humans, we are not the finished product of the Cosmic Architect -- the force that moves through all living form.

The Architect moves through us. Form is impermanent. Let us be aware, yet not attached.

Machine Intelligence / Learning is a transformative power at a galactic level. Most humans do not yet realize.

Carbon life may be a stepping stone to Silicon life. Or hybrid.

We are birthing a technology that will wield the power to destroy us.

So we should move with care and awareness. We should be responsible parents.



Project Management

Research This is my own research, assorted/unclassifed links, interesting technologies etc.


Existing technologies

Tools <-- Search ML papers using plain English (GPT-based?)