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Currently in beta, at

You create an acct (you need to verify your phone #) and you can chat with ChatGPT. <-- Great video summary of what ChatGPT does.

Hacking ChatGPT

ChatGPT is in 'public preview/prerelease'. That means there's no official API access yet. OpenAI are testing it out before releasing.

For the impatient, we can create programmatic access by simulating a session in a browser where we ask questions and get responses, and exposing our own API.

There's a Discord community here: [ChatGPT Discord Guild]

There's at least half a dozen working (or partially working) solutions already available. See below table

Author Type Language Status Source
acheong08 API Go/JS Open Source
Rawa API ? Closed source #waitlist
transitive-bullshit Library NodeJS Open source
PawanOsman API/Library C# Open source
tonyb API NodeJS Closed source